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Planning for Employee Ownership Trusts 5 Top Tips

07 November 2022

An Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) is a legal arrangement through which a trustee holds a controlling stake in a company for and on behalf of the employees of a company. Under an EOT, the shares are sold to the trustee in order for them to be permanently held for the benefit of the employees of a company or group of companies. Crucially, the EOT must benefit all employees on equal terms based on certain criteria. The criteria include hours worked, length of service and level of remuneration.

Follow our top tips for shareholders looking to sell to an EOT.

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Public procurement challenges

Procurement challenges

07 June 2021

Taking prompt advice is essential as unsuccessful bidders have just ten days within which to issue court proceedings if they want to benefit from the automatic suspension provided for in the Regulations, which prevents the contracting authority from awarding the contract to anyone else.

Otherwise, there is a time limit of 30 days to issue proceedings. This guide sets out the key information about public procurement challenges that bidders and
contracting authorities need to know under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.


How to avoid race discrimination in the workplace

03 May 2021

We all know what the research tells us: diverse workplaces are more innovative and productive, with greater staff well-being and retention. But many of us are still struggling to make this a reality. How can you avoid common pitfalls and move your organisation forward?


IR35 off-payroll working rules

05 April 2021

Major changes are happening this April as businesses become responsible for deciding the employment status of the contractors they engage through an agency or the contractor’s own limited company, known as a Personal Service Company or PSC.

These changes – known as the Off-Payroll Working Rules and sometimes called IR35 – will affect all medium to large private sector companies with a UK connection from 6 April 2021. Many businesses have underestimated how much preparation is needed to be ready for these new rules, and it is essential to prepare now for the changes fast approaching.

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