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If you are acquiring or disposing of commercial real estate whether for investment or otherwise then we can help guide you smoothly through the process from start to finish.

We also have experience of auction sales and purchases, contracts conditional on planning and more complex transactions subject to options, overage or clawback. 

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FAQs – Buying and Selling

Due diligence is necessary to ensure you know enough about the property to be able to make an informed decision on whether the transaction is an appropriate investment for your business. You do the following before entering into the transaction:

  • check title documents, leases and contracts currently related to the property
  • carry out inspections of the site for any defects or maintenance issues
  • check financing options available to you
  • commission a surveyors’ and valuers’ reports to determine the value and condition of the property

Heads of terms set out the main terms agreed between the parties. They are used towards the beginning of the transaction to indicate an agreement in principle between the parties, and outline the timescales and each parties’ obligations in the process.

However, the parties are not legally obliged to enter into a contract on those terms or at all.

Following completion, you will need to pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax owed on the transaction, if any, and register it with the Land Registry, if capable of registration, within a specified period in most instances.

As the owner of a freehold interest, you are the owner of the land and the buildings and that ownership is not limited by time. A leasehold interest is not so simple. You hold an interest that is limited to the length of the lease.

The landlord retains ultimate ownership of the property, and the lease sets out the details of the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. Many property transactions are conducted on this basis.

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The ECC confers rights on code operators to install and maintain electronic communications apparatus on public land, and even grants operators the right to sometimes apply to court for an order allowing them to install and maintain such apparatus on private land.

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Navigating Telecom agreements: landlords beware

A telecommunications agreement, or wayleave agreement, is a contract between a service provider and a landowner which allows the service operator access to install infrastructure on the privately owned land, in return for wayleave fees.

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This article discusses a recent case in which a property buyer calculated the Stamp Duty Land Tax due on the purchase at a lower rate, due to the mixed-use purpose of the property.

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Non-binding Head of Terms

The Court of Appeal Case of Pretoria Energy Company (Chittering) Ltd v Blankney Estates Ltd found that a lease clause within a Heads of Terms document was not binding.

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Opening and operating a restaurant can be an exciting venture, but it also involves navigating various legal requirements. One crucial aspect of operating a restaurant is obtaining the necessary licences and permits.

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Conditionality in Agreements for Lease

It is not always possible or desirable for an agreement for lease to be unconditional.  Often, there is a need for an agreement for lease where the ultimate grant of the lease is conditional upon certain conditions being satisfied. 

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