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Our team advises a number of developers and also companies entering into transactions which are conditional on development works being carried out. Our construction team are also on hand to guide you through the process.

Acting for the public sector and for large portfolio landowners, we frequently deal with a variety of issues arising in respect of infrastructure and utilities.

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FAQs- Development

Property development is the business process of either the purchase and renovation of an existing property, or the building of new property on vacant land, which can then be sold or leased for a profit.

Also known as  “claw-back”, overage refers to a sum of money that the seller will become entitled to if a certain pre-agreed conditions are fulfilled. Overage clauses are not included in every transaction, but are used in situations where the property may become worth more in the future due to an uncertain event such as the granting of a new planning permission, that increases the value of the property.

An option is a contractual right to buy, sell or lease a property at an agreed price within a specified time period. The purchaser normally pays for the option and cannot pass it on to another party.

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The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024: what does it mean for my leasehold property? 

The leasehold system in the UK has been subject to some unfavourable press for some time now.

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Sustainability and commercial property: green leases  

Climate change is considered by many the biggest threat we are facing today. With the UK said to have one of the oldest housing/building stocks, the focus on a building’s environmental performance and sustainability has never been more critical.

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Hidden risks in serviced office agreements

This is usually a fully furnished and equipped office space that is managed by a facility management company and made available for short-term or long-term rentals to businesses, varying from one week to a year, or even longer.

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What happens when a tenant serves a break notice ‘early’?

To exercise the break option, the tenant had to provide the landlord with at least six months’ notice, and in order for the notice to be valid, it must be served by special delivery or have receipt acknowledged by the landlord.

We have always been impressed with the speed and reactivity displayed by the Clarkslegal Commercial Property team and their ability to make complex situations seem more straightforward.” 

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