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Planning for Employee Ownership Trusts 5 Top Tips

07 November 2022

An Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) is a legal arrangement through which a trustee holds a controlling stake in a company for and on behalf of the employees of a company. Under an EOT, the shares are sold to the trustee in order for them to be permanently held for the benefit of the employees of a company or group of companies. Crucially, the EOT must benefit all employees on equal terms based on certain criteria. The criteria include hours worked, length of service and level of remuneration.

Follow our top tips for shareholders looking to sell to an EOT.

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The workplace in 2022

The workplace in 2022

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Several proposed employment law changes have taken a back seat during the pandemic. However, it is hoped that we will now get some clarity on these as we continue through 2022.

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Follow our top tips set to get the best out of the process and help you submit a winning bid.


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