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Regulating AI to protect personal data

12 September 2022

In this podcast Melanie Pimenta and Jacob Montague solicitors in the Data Protection team at Clarkslegal discuss the Government’s proposals to regulate the use of AI and what businesses should do.

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Determining Employment status: The NHS Dentist Case

29 June 2022

In this podcast listen to the case of Sejpal v Rodericks Dental Limited, which focuses on the status of a dentist and was heard by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), tried to offer some clarity on how the tests for employment status should be applied.

Protecting data when working remotely

23 June 2022

Clarkslegal’s Data Protection Solicitors Melanie Pimenta and Jacob Montague discuss some of the issues surrounding data protection and hybrid or remote working.

Data breaches

26 April 2022

Clarkslegal’s Data Protection Solicitors Melanie Pimenta and Amanda Glover explain what data breaches are, how they can be risk assessed and an organisation’s obligation to report data breaches.

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