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IR35 changes – Deborah Scales writes for Financial Times

Deborah Scales, Associate at Clarkslegal LLP publishes in the Financial Times on what Kwarteng’s IR35 changes mean for businesses and the consequences for contractors.

It has been widely misreported in some media that IR35 itself is being repealed. It is not.

According to the statement in the chancellor’s September 2022 Growth Plan, the repeal of the complex IR35 off-payroll working rules will “free up time and money” for businesses to engage contractors.

While widely welcomed by most businesses and contractors, what might the repeal mean in practice for UK businesses, contractors and HMRC? Will the repeal even make it into the forthcoming Finance Act in order to become law by April 6 2023?

Read full Article –What Kwarteng’s IR35 changes mean for businesses. If you have any questions in relation to IR35 and any other employment law issues contact our experienced employment lawyers.

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