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Redundancy and settlement agreements – What you need to know

06 February 2023

In this podcast Ciara Duggan and Sana Nahas members of the employment team at Clarkslegal will guide you through the tricky topic of redundancy and settlement agreements, covering what redundancy means for both employers and employees, as well as how settlement agreements work in practise.

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How to undertake a fair redundancy

01 August 2022

Recently, many employers have been considering restructuring their business. Listen to Melanie Pimenta, Senior Solicitor at Clarkslegal explore the considerations when undertaking a fair redundancy process.

Fit note changes & proving employee sickness

12 July 2022

Employees can now be signed off work when sick by nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists who can sign statements of fitness for work, also known as a GP fit note. But what might this mean for employers who suspect that a worker is exaggerating their condition for some reason?

Determining Employment status: The NHS Dentist Case

29 June 2022

In this podcast listen to the case of Sejpal v Rodericks Dental Limited, which focuses on the status of a dentist and was heard by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), tried to offer some clarity on how the tests for employment status should be applied.

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